On The Road Again!

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In order to see wonderful and remote places like this….

…..and this….you need to be able to take your healthy food on the road!

Sorry for the brief hiatus from blogging, but we have been on the road a lot during the last 8 weeks. During that time, I was forced to figure out how to take my healthy food roadshow, well, on the road! I will get back to developing new recipes soon, however the last 2 months of travel have honed my skills in creating healthy food to go.

Here are some helpful hints:

  1. I found out that my pesto recipe freezes well and travels well. It works great for a camping dinner too!
  2. Finding a really good cooler is key to success, otherwise you are dealing with melted ice daily. We had a basic cooler that was really more trouble than it is worth. We also had a good cooler that keeps things cold for a long time. It worked great for car camping and it worked great for car road trips. Get the largest most insulated cooler that you can find-keep in mind that a bag of ice takes up a lot of space. Here is a link to the cooler we have been using.
  3. Menu plan and precook food before hand. Freeze all the food possible, and load it into the awesome cooler mentioned above. Yes, it is more work during the pre trip frenzy. However, it is so nice to roll into a hotel or campsite and have 80% of your food already made. Aaaaah, now that is a vacation for me.
  4. Keep the menus simple. There is so much to do on vacation, that my family didn’t need elaborate meals and I didn’t want to spend hours in the kitchen!
  5. Take an extra box of Ziploc bags for leftover storage.
  6. Take as many snack foods as you can find. I go to Whole Foods a week before the trip and buy a whole bunch of snacks including: dried fruit, freeze dried fruit, raw nuts, raisins, raw cookies, Lara Bars etc. I usually make my own trail mix and store it in a ziploc. Snacks are very handy to have for a long car ride, a lunch on the trail and for all those times when you are having too much fun to stop for a full meal.

And here are a couple of quick recipes:

  1. Homemade Apple Sauce freezes well and travels well in a cooler! It is so easy if you use a pressure cooker, that even my husband could make it! Apple Sauce is tasty as a snack or after dinner treat, but it also works well in morning oatmeal. Apple sauce seems to vanish within 2 days around this house. This is so simple and quick. It is also easy to do while packing for a trip. Family members can help by cutting up the apples!
    1. Ingredients: 10 cups of cored apples (no need to cut into little pieces), 1 cup of water and a couple of dashes of cinnamon
    2. Directions: place the apples and water into a pressure cooker. Cook for 2 minutes at high pressure. Quick release the pressure. Stir the apples and then stir in the cinnamon. Let cool, then puree in a food processor till smooth.
    3. Notes: Store in the fridge. It also freezes well!
  2. Buttered Noodles With Peas. Not that Earth Balance is health food, but this is the best recipe to make when you arrive late at a destination. Frozen peas and a tub of Earth Balance both travel well in a cooler. And my cashew parmesan also travels well. All you need to do is to cook up some brown rice pasta, mix in as many frozen peas as you like, then add some Earth Balance, salt, pepper and cashew Parmesan. Everyone liked this one and we went through a whole bag of peas in a couple days. Note: I only use the minimum amount of Earth Balance necessary to achieve a slight buttery flavor. It is so tempting to overload the pasta with the Earth Balance, so beware as it is still just adding oil fat to your diet.
  3. Pesto Pasta: Here is a link to my pesto recipe. It is easy to make and freezes well. Serve it with brown rice pasta and cashew parmesan, and you are good to go!

Happy Travels! The Mama


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2 Responses to On The Road Again!

  1. Such beautiful photos! I love vacation trips like that. We have a cooler that plugs into the outlet in the car – no ice required and it works very well.

    You had lots of good ideas for traveling with healthy food. We also take lots of fruit, veggies, bean burgers, pita bread, our own cereal and almond milk, nuts and popcorn in case we stay in a place with a microwave.

    Thank you for the applesauce recipe for the PC – you peel the apples right? It sounds so easy and since I have a new PC I will have to try it.

    I usually check and see what restaurants will be near by that would be plant based eating friendly as well as the nearest health food store, food coop or grocery store.

    Welcome home!

  2. The Mama says:

    Hey Tami, thanks for the great ideas. We looked at the cooler that plugs into the car (a great idea) but it was too small for this family of 4. I wish they made a larger one, then we would buy that for sure! No, I do not peel the apples for the applesauce. When you puree the applesauce in the food processor, the apple skins puree very well. The applesauce looks more like a cinnamon applesauce, it is very pretty and tasty….and you get all the nutrients from the peels!

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